1000000000? Zhendong is playing big this time!

At the beginning of 2020, China's No. 1 brand of national calcium preparations and China's No. 1 building advertising giant reached a strategic cooperation:Zhendong Group invested 1 billion on Focus Media, A nationally known media network of 300 million urban mainstreams every day. And will be broadcast nationwide from March 30.

China has a population of 400 million cities, 300 million people see Focus. More importantly, to reach this cooperation, the first consideration for both parties is: to bring consumers a higher quality of life, the ultimate goal is to bring convenience and benefits to consumers!

Zhendong RENEED calcium: calcium more suitable for Chinese body

"RENEED" brand calcium carbonate D3 tablets (Ⅱ) and calcium carbonate D3 granules of Zhendong Kangyuan have the characteristics of easy absorption of ultra-fine particles, sufficient vitamin D to promote absorption, unique formula to prevent constipation, and light and fruity taste.

The "ingenuity spirit" behind the emergence of each explosive product is the key to its market recognitionThe "ingenuity" behind each explosive product is recognized by the market. Based on the scientific research data of the "National Human Body Constitution Research Center" and the characteristics of the Chinese human body, RENEED Calcium finally selected a calcium that is more suitable for the Chinese body with a scientific ratio of 500 mg calcium: 200 IU vitamin D3.

In 2019, Zhendong Group RENEED Calcium achieved another good result, successfully breaking the record of annual sales of 3.9 billion yuan, and consecutively ranked first in China's calcium preparation sales brand rankings.

This massive launch is based on Zhendong Group's confidence in the RENEED calcium brand. Relying on years of excellent quality and excellent reputation, Zhendong Group RENEED Calcium has been on the "Healthy Chinese Brand List" for 8 consecutive years and has been listed on the "Chinese Pharmaceutical Brand List".

Co-build brand, join forces

This time, Zhendong Pharmaceuticals and Focus Media have joined forces to increase the popularity and reputation of RENEED through the placement of buildings, elevators, and outdoor advertisements across the country, making RENEED calcium deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

The cooperation between Zhendong Group and Focus Media is of far-reaching significance. On the one hand, it has promoted the strategic cooperation and business development of the two parties in the fields of big health and digitalization, and realized the precision marketing of sustainable development; on the other hand, with the gradual landing of the benchmark demonstration area, "open up the last mile, Chinese people will go "Entering thousands of households" can be realized and replicated, leading the development and innovation of the entire industry.

"Design for the Chinese, make the Chinese healthy". As the leader of domestic brands in the field of calcium preparations, RENEED Calcium has strictly controlled the quality of its products for many years, and established a good brand image with an attitude of excellence, which has won the trust of consumers.

In the future, RENEED will continue to develop more high-quality products, earnestly fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of the national brand, and wholeheartedly care for the health of Chinese people.