RENEED Baduanjin brings a happy new posture

A report from Tencent App said that among the 407 million elderly population, the elderly netizens have reached 80.28 million, of which elderly people aged 51-60 account for 75%. More data shows that the number of apps downloaded by the elderly is more than that of the young, over 30, such as the National K song, Douyin and other software, and they play super 60%... Seeing these data, there may be young people People think that the modern elderly have become "trendy", but the helplessness of many "empty-nest" elderly people is hidden under the appearance that the middle-aged and elderly people are enthusiastic about using mobile phones.


Many years ago, there has been a social pattern of young people working out and old people staying behind. However, smart phones have not appeared before, and the elderly can only find life pleasure through sports such as dancing and walking. Nowadays, with the deepening of the development of smart phones, the "empty-nest" elderly have also begun to "fashion". Wandering in the mobile Internet world, he calmly became a "head bower", causing health problems due to lack of exercise, prolonged sitting for a long time, and cases of scams encountered by listening to Internet information. Obviously, mobile phones and the Internet cannot provide the company and healthy living conditions of the elderly. The inability of the elderly to judge the authenticity of Internet messages and the health problems caused by long-term use of mobile phones have made young children working outside the country more worried.

How to help the left-behind elderly to balance the relationship between using mobile phones and maintaining their bodies? This is a question that young children need to focus on.

Obviously, many young people have long been aware of the dangers of prolonged sitting and "head bowers", and do not care about the impact of this situation on their own state. But for the elderly, their vision and physical condition have begun to decline. Long-term use of mobile phones is more likely to cause cataracts, dislocation of the cervical joints, and susceptibility to carpal tunnel syndrome and tenosynovitis.

There are also many young people who have realized the hazards of long-term sitting and "head-down people", and have begun morning and night running, followed by yoga practice with the big V, etc., trying to improve the body's immunity and resistance through exercise. Similarly, can the elderly also find a good way to achieve the goal of health preservation without having to completely give up their smartphones? For the elderly, "RENEED Baduanjin" is a good choice.


Baduanjin is a kind of guiding technique that has been passed down in Song Dynasty. This exercise is simple and elegant, and it is immortal because of its remarkable effect. This exercise is slow in rhythm, simple and easy to learn, suitable for middle-aged and elderly people to learn and exercise, long-term adherence to achieve the purpose of health preservation.

On this basis, Langdi Ca has new inspiration and innovated and developed a modern version of "RENEED Ba Duan Jin". The entire song is original by contemporary pop musicians, and the lyrics are catchy, both traditional and fashionable. Not only for the elderly, but also for the younger generation who pursue fashion and health.

The joyful song adjusts the mood and practices simple movements to strengthen the body. "RENEED Baduanjin" can help the "empty nest" elderly people get rid of the online world. Young people can learn first and then teach them to their parents. As far as parents are concerned, they have more company and common interests with their children; as far as children are concerned, it can make the elderly healthier and have more joy and hope in life!

Of course, this is also the expectation of creating "RENEED  Ba Duan Jin" RENEED  Calcium. As a calcium supplement brand specially designed for Chinese people, Lang Di Ba Duan Jin is just for implementation. The mission of "protecting the health of Chinese people" is expected to start a wave of national fitness, enrich the lives of people of all ages, and implement the bone health of Chinese people.