RENEED helps you who are still afraid of osteoporosis

Calcium deficiency can easily cause backaches, cramps in the hands and feet, brittle bones, and even osteoporosis and fractures. Therefore, calcium supplementation is an essential thing. Especially for middle-aged and elderly people, with age, all aspects of body functions will gradually decline. If you do not pay attention to maintenance, it is easy to appear calcium deficiency and cause a series of physical discomfort. Therefore, for middle-aged and elderly people, calcium supplementation is the top priority of health. Choose a calcium supplement product that is easy to absorb, natural calcium source, high calcium content, and strong safety index. It is a good calcium supplement. The essential. RENEED calcium carbonate is undoubtedly a better calcium supplement choice for middle-aged and elderly people.


Why does they say that? Let's take a look at what is special about RENEED Calcium Carbonate?

First, natural calcium source, high safety: the elderly can take it more safely

For middle-aged and elderly people, the calcium source safety requirements are higher in the process of calcium supplementation. All the calcium sources of Langdi elderly are calcium carbonate from natural ore. The auxiliary materials do not contain any pigments and preservatives, which ensures a high degree of safety in the calcium supplement process. Belongs to the safest calcium source; RENEED Elderly Calcium has OTC mark calcium carbonate, which has passed the national double standard certification, and the elderly can take it more safely.


Second, the ratio of gold to adequate calcium: the elderly can absorb calcium better

RENEED Calcium is formulated according to the internationally recommended calcium D gold ratio. RENEED calcium contains 500mg of calcium and is combined with vitamin D3 which can promote calcium absorption. It can well meet the daily needs of the human body and help the elderly. Enhance bone density and enhance bone health.

Third, ultra-micro technology, better taste: it is easier for the elderly to supplement calcium

Aiming at the characteristics of middle-aged and elderly people, RENEED calcium adopts ultra-micronization process, which has a higher utilization rate. At the same time, it is easier for the elderly to take it without residue and has a better taste; RENEED calcium has different properties, such as flakes and granules. , To meet the taking characteristics of different people, and make calcium supplement more humane. RENEED Calcium adds a small dose of mannitol, so that the elderly do not have to worry about constipation. Of course, calcium supplementation is easier!

As a national brand of calcium agent, RENEED Calcium will develop more high-quality calcium supplement products for the physique of the elderly, so that the elderly can stay away from osteoporosis.