RENEED:Caring for parents, starting with calcium supplementation

Recently, in the form of a will, Mr. Jia, who was nearly 80 years old in Suzhou, presented a set of real estate to the nanny who took care of him for many years in the form of a will. It is understood that Mr. Jia’s children are usually busy with work and rarely have time to accompany the elderly. It is the babysitter who has been around to take care of him. Regardless of whether Mr. Jia’s approach is improper or not, this incident reflects the loneliness of many elderly people living alone and the alienation of many children from their parents. Children naturally have their own difficulties and will compensate them through money and other means, but what the elderly really need is companionship and care. The little things in life, on the contrary, can warm the heart of the elderly.

According to the latest data, there are 69.44 million patients with osteoporosis in China, and there are 100 million people whose bone mass is lower than normal, and the proportion of elderly people is as high as 80%. It can be seen that osteoporosis has become the number one "culprit" that endangers the health of the elderly. For the elderly, a calcium agent product that has many advantages such as easy absorption, natural calcium source safety, high calcium content, etc. is particularly important, and RENEED calcium carbonate is undoubtedly the recommended and suitable The choice of calcium supplement for the elderly.


Natural calcium source, high safety

For middle-aged and elderly people, the calcium source safety requirements are higher in the process of calcium supplementation. At the beginning of product design, RENEED calcium was based on safety. All calcium sources were calcium carbonate from natural ore. The refined calcium carbonate contained low lead and was the safest calcium source. From the perspective of drug standards, RENEED calcium was Calcium carbonate with OTC logo, calcium supplements do not contain any pigments and preservatives, ensuring a high degree of safety, so that the elderly can buy more at ease and take it more securely.

Sufficient calcium, take one supplement and two

To prevent osteoporosis, it is necessary to supplement enough calcium. The calcium content of RENEED Calcium is 500mg, which meets the recommended daily calcium requirement of the human body. However, many middle-aged and elderly people have such a question. Obviously taking enough calcium agents, they have not been significantly improved? This is due to the slow metabolism of the body of the elderly and the weakening of calcium absorption capacity. Vitamin D3 is needed at this time. Vitamin D3 can effectively promote the absorption of calcium and increase the utilization of calcium agents. RENEED Calcium uses the golden ratio of 500mg calcium + 200IU vitamin D3, which can not only promote the absorption of calcium by middle-aged and elderly people, but also supplement vitamins by the way, take one supplement and two, which is more cost-effective.

Super micro process, better taste

Aiming at the characteristics of middle-aged and elderly people, RENEED calcium adopts ultra-micronization technology, which has a higher utilization rate. At the same time, it is easier for the elderly to take it without residue and has a better taste; RENEED calcium has different properties, such as flakes and granules. , To meet the taking characteristics of different people, and make calcium supplement more humane. RENEED Calcium has added a small dose of mannitol, so that the elderly do not have to worry about constipation. Of course, calcium supplementation is easier!

The elderly need more attention from us. As a national brand of calcium agents, RENEED Calcium will develop more calcium supplement products for the physique of the elderly, grasp every detail, and truly care for them to spend every day comfortably.