RENEED calcium teaches you scientific calcium supplement

Calcium is one of the most abundant minerals in the human body and an essential element for the growth and development of human bones. For children who are in the growth and development period, the importance of calcium is self-evident. Studies have confirmed that about 95% of children in our country lack calcium, and now children’s calcium supplementation is receiving more and more attention from parents.

Even if they try their best to supplement calcium for their children, many parents still find that their children still have calcium deficiency symptoms such as restless sleep, lack of concentration, night sweats, and growth pain. The reason for this situation is that many parents only know to give their children calcium tablets, but they have not done scientific calcium supplementation. You should know that the body's absorption of calcium will be affected by many factors, and there are many types of calcium supplements on the market, and the calcium supplement you choose may not be suitable for children.

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So, how can we ensure that children can safely and effectively supplement calcium?

First, choose the right calcium supplement product. There are more than 400 imported and domestic calcium agents on the market. The ingredients of calcium agents also include calcium carbonate, calcium lactate, calcium ammonium phosphate, etc. Among them, calcium carbonate has the highest absorption rate and the least side effects. Our domestically produced Langdi calcium is made of calcium carbonate extracted from natural ore, which avoids the disadvantages of high lead content in animal calcium. Moreover,RENEED calcium fully considers the diet and living habits of the Chinese people when developing it. According to the needs of the Chinese people, a golden ratio of 500mg calcium carbonate to 200IU vitamin D3 has been created. The calcium content is sufficient and the ratio is safe, which is more conducive to human body absorption.

RENEED also created Langdi calcium particles specially for children. In addition to the more precise ratio, it also has the advantages of convenient brewing, sweet taste, and easy acceptance by children. The added cane sugar makes children not easy to dislike. In addition, in order to reduce constipation caused by eating calcium preparations, RENEED Calcium also added a small amount of mannitol to make calcium supplementation easy, safe and effective.

Secondly, let the children participate in more outdoor activities and get more sunshine in life. Exercise can promote the deposition of calcium in the bones. Together with the sunlight, exercise helps the body to synthesize vitamin D and promote the body's absorption of calcium.


Third, pay attention to calcium intake in the diet, and also pay attention to a balanced diet, because the mutual promotion of nutrients can reap the greatest benefits of calcium supplementation: magnesium can increase the utilization of calcium; potassium can reduce the loss of urine calcium; vitamin D has Promote calcium absorption; Vitamin K can help calcium deposit on bone collagen.

Calcium is the base material for youth development, equivalent to the "reinforced concrete" in our body! Scientifically supplement calcium in childhood and lay a healthy foundation for a lifetime!