In order to implement the "National Nutrition Plan (2017-2030)", conduct in-depth research on basic data on national physique and nutrition, guide the development of products suitable for the country’s physique and health, publicize the people’s correct nutrition and health knowledge, and promote national nutrition, November 16, 2018 Chinese Nutrition Society-National Human Body Constitution Research Center was established in Beijing Zhendong Science and Technology Building. Chinese and Westerners differ in physique due to factors such as species, genetics, environment, eating habits, and so on, making Chinese people different from Western people in nutritional needs. However, at present, compared with Westerners, the difference in nutritional needs and the lack of basic data for quantifying nutritional needs of Chinese people have caused the lack of theoretical guidance for the development of Chinese health products. The "National Human Constitution Research Center" will rely on the excellent expert team of the Chinese Nutrition Society to conduct in-depth research on the characteristics of the national human body, design and develop targeted health products, and make a significant contribution to the health of Chinese people.
Inauguration Ceremony of "National Human Constitution Research Center"
Inauguration Ceremony of "National Human Constitution Research Center"


  • Do a good job in scientific research, product research, development, and develop more and better health products that meet the country's physical needs.
  • Promote the health concept of self-discipline through multiple channels, enhance the national health awareness.
  • Strengthen cooperation and exchanges with all walks of life at home and abroad, contribute to development of the center and the health of the people.
The successful establishment of the National Human Fitness Research Center aims to design and guide the research and development of health products that meet the national human fitness through breakthroughs in core technologies, leading my country's health industry to achieve new leapfrog development, and making greater contributions to the health of the people China. According to the health needs of our Chinese people, we will adhere to the research and development concept of "Design for the Chinese, make the Chinese healthy", and strive to do a good job in technological innovation and healthy product development to protect the national health cause.

Research Fund Waiting for you

In 2019, the Chinese Nutrition Society issued the "Chinese Nutrition Society-National Human Fitness and Health Research Fund". The fund is a newly established nutrition research fund established by the National Human Constitution Research Center of the Chinese Nutrition Society. It aims to study the physiological and health conditions and physical characteristics of different groups of people through nutritional means, and to explore the relationship between diet, nutrition and the health of the human body in order to improve the individual And the health of the group, improve nutrition and health status, quality of life and life expectancy of Chinese people.
1. Scope of funding

The fund supports research on the relationship between the quality, nutrition, and health of different groups of people in China.

2. Support direction

With the main mission of the "National Nutrition Plan (2017-2030)" as its purpose, the fund supports research on the relationship between the quality, nutrition and health of different groups of people in China and research on the improvement of nutrition in poor areas.
This year's support includes but is not limited to the following research directions:

  • 01
    Research on the relationship between China's physique index system and health.
  • 02
    Research on dietary nutrition intake and population metabolism characteristics of different regions and different populations
  • 03
    Nutritional interventions improve the physical fitness of different groups of people
  • 04
    For people in different staple food regions, intestinal microecological characteristics and their effects on physical fitness.
  • 05
    Discussion on the relationship between human bone health, hormones and physical fitness.
3. Funding amount and project implementation cycle

In 2019, the fund set up a total of 2.65 million yuan in funding for scientific research projects.
In principle, the amount of funding for each project should not exceed 200,000 yuan, the application project should be completed within one year, and the project should be completed within two years at the latest (submitting the final report). If there are special requirements, additional applications or instructions are required.

4.Period Applicant Conditions
  • The applicant and the main members of the project team should have the ability to implement the project and sufficient time guarantee. The applicant's unit has a good research foundation and conditions.
  • The applicant must be the actual host of the applied project, should have (including) a professional technical title above the intermediate level, and belong to a scientific research institute, university, hospital or other professional organization related to nutrition science.
  • Encourage young scientific workers, registered dietitians or returning young workers, doctors and other professionals to apply.
  • Applications that have received funding from other scientific research funds that are similar to the submitted research content will not be funded.
5. Application method and process

Applicants are requested to submit the electronic version and paper version of the special fund application to the Fund Office of the Chinese Nutrition Society before August 23, 2019

  • On-Line

    (Visit the website of Chinese Nutrition Society:

    Research Funds and Awards >> Zhendong Fund >> Online Application >> Basic Information Submit Online >> Download Project Application Form

    The electronic version of the application is received by email:, and the email is uniformly named as "Chinese Nutrition Society-Zhendong National Human Constitution and Health Research Fund + Applicant Name"

  • Paper

    The paper version of the application is in triplicate and sent by express mail to the Foundation Office of the Society from August 19 to August 23, 2019.

    Those who fail to complete the application on time will not be accepted; applications that are submitted both electronically and on paper on time will be regarded as valid applications.

    Paper version mailing address: Beijing Broadcasting Building 1405, No. 14A Jianguomenwai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

    Post Code: 100022

    Contact: Fund Management Office of Chinese Nutrition Society

    Phone: 010-83554781-826/803

6. Other matters needing attention
  • No more than one fund project can be hosted by the grantee at the same time.
  • There shall be no more than 2 fund projects presided over and as main participants.
  • Applicants and main members of the project team who have not completed the projects of the Chinese Nutrition Society on time or failed to meet the requirements of the final acceptance check. If there is no valid reason, the applications submitted by the applicant or the main members of the project team will not be funded.
  • The application and review procedures of the fund shall refer to the review procedures of the National Natural Science Foundation of China.
  • It is expected that the funding results will be announced before December 31, 2019.